Helena Carrasco Brioso is THE HUNT’s art curator. She is a specialist in promoting art. For more than twenty-five years she has promoted exhibition projects, both individual as collectives.

Panorama of contemporary Cuban art, was an important exhibition held in Panama City that allowed a large number of people know the pictorial trends of Cuba in the nineties of the twentieth century.

Helena also organized the collective of works around twelve pilgrim tales of the Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez. Her work as curator has led her to promote both established and young painters and sculptors in the wide arts market. Her sustained activity includes dozens of exhibitions in various countries, international art fairs, and enrichment of private collections.

In Panama, she maintained an exhibition space for almost a decade, the La Rama Dorada art gallery and seeks a notable promotion from more than thirty-five painters. Among her activities she tirelessly runs through important international squares and represents the work of renowned artists.

Helena Carrasco Brioso

Art Curator

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