Arles del Rio

Arles del Rio was born in Cuba in 1975 Based on his experiences as an individual within society and his reflections on the nature of art.
Arles Del Rio plays with the graphic or conceptual associations of every phenomenon, social, political, and / or cultural, with found materials and objects, which he manipulates, reproduces or reinterprets to embody illusions, utopias, ideological and existential questions.
The space and its context are vital to generate ideas in specific places. Dimensions, materials, media (sculpture, painting, installation, photography, drawing, etc.) are subordinate resources in the representation of these ideas, and are essential for a functional location and direct interaction or dialogue of the viewer with his works.

He has held various solo and group exhibitions among which stand out:
The Armory Show. Project with The Apartment Gallery, New York, United States, 2020; Transfusion, Project Behind the Wall, Public work on the Malecon. XIII Havana Biennial, Cuba, 2019; Passing Through The Shore, Galeria Taller Gorria, Havana, Cuba, 2018; On the horizon, Pérez Art Museum Miami, United States, 2017; Subway (Public Works Project located in various places de la ciudad, La Habana, Cuba, 2016); New Colors (Robert Miller Gallery, New York, United States, 2015); The Need Of Other Airs (Collateral XII Havana Biennial, Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña, Havana, Cuba, 2015); Resaca, Behind The Wall II (XII Biennial of Havana, Malecon and Genius, Havana, Cuba, 2015); Proximity (Times Square, New York, United States, 2014); Stealing Base: Cuba at Bat (Oglethorpe University Museum of Art, Atlanta, United States, 2014). Waiting for Things to Fall from Heaven or National Sports (Collateral, XI Havana Biennial, Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, Havana, Cuba, 2012)

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