Dumar A G was born in Colombia in 1994. He started his career in painting at an early age. He notices at the age of six that he had a natural talent for art. Being only six years old the artists new he had a passion for drawing so he started taking several courses to further develop his talent. Dumar has been characterized in art by his technique in Mandonnari, muralism and oil paintings. The artist has exhibited his art in various parts of the city and has manage to get his creations to central America for private collectors. The artist has participated thought his life in several workshops in recognized schools in Colombia. He has participated in stage design events, he has also participated in several Madonnari contests where he has been the winner of two festivals, one of them the prize of participating in one of the best Madonnari contests in Mexico. Which is pending and was postponed due to covid-19. The artist has thrived on scholarships and his talent without letting his financial situation put a stop to his growing career. At this moment he is mostly working on his creations in oil , this year he is also expected to participate in the Madonnari Bella Via festival in Mexico and achieve first place in order to grow as an artist and be more recognized nationally and internationally.

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