Nava Lavi

Nava was born in 1962 in Panama City. Her life has always revolved around creativity and trespassing the limits of the uncommon. A mother of 6, she uses her passion for art to reinvent the ordinary and transform the world around her, featuring a hint of rebellion and persistence for creating the non-existent. Her style encourages limitless interpretation that flows and embodies the urgency of her imagination.

Her craft lies in the notion of what is and what can be, seeking its point of contact to create an alternate reality as an inspiration for her art. Every object tells a story of life, passion and curiosity for the unknown. She longs to shift the perception of ceramics, be it a functional artifact or a mind-blowing sculpture; her modus operandi is based on improvisation and with every new piece a different story unfolds making a valuable contribution to the all-encompassing dimension of art.

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