Nikole Roquebert

Nikole Roquebert is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in jewelry design and fashion, currently living in Río Hato, Panamá.

Her background in fashion, her travels, and the many powerful women that surround her, including her 3 sisters largely influence her work. She also draws inspiration from some of her favorite contemporary artists including Matisse, Alice Neel, Elizabeth Peyton, Alex Katz, and David Hockney.

She likes to explore the power of femininity by depicting women with un-even proportions, un-realistic colors, and random perspectives inspired by daily life mixed in with surrealistic items. Her recent work looks into the narratives that surround these female protagonists and their modern-like worlds.

Currently working mostly with gouache and watercolor on paper but usually explores different mediums including acrylic and oil pastels.

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