Poonam Chatlani

Panamanian artist and sculptor, born in 1971.  In 1992 she started studying terracotta and stained-glass sculptures at the Quimera Workshop in Panama. Since 2012 she has worked with kiln glass casting, glass fusing, slumping and painting, mastering her techniques at Bullseye Glass Co., in Portland, Oregon. Poonam has participated in important individual and group exhibitions in highly recognized galleries in Panama, Bogotá, Miami and New York and her work has been featured at prestigious auctions in Latin America and across the United States of America. You can find her work in various private collections, including Harry Winston's, the distinguished Jeweler.

Poonam's inherited cultural appreciation guides her work, which is reflected by merging elements in nature. Her inspiration springs from her ethnic roots in India, where the human figure is the principal motif.

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