Guillermo Portieles

Guillermo Portieles Art heals the spirit by virtue of the creative process. The act of creation engages the memories embedded in our cells. The virtue resurrects past experience, lived and unlived, that has forged our identity as human beings. My artwork employs a language of memories reminiscent of times. The elements that populate my canvases trace back beyond the images of my own childhood into the very roots of existence. The passion behind the art allows me the joy of reliving the images and emotions of my homeland. When I had to find my way in different cultures, when the reality of my heritage moved into the gossamer world of memory, the common became the sustenance of my artistic spirit. The creative play of the imagination, the pretense between reality and representation, allows my art to continuously evolve. Some memories fade while others move into consciousness. Reviving these images is like living them again, allowing the painful and the sublime to find refuge on the canvas in the healing transformation of art. From a poetic point of view, my creative trajectory articulates within a great variety of discursive interests on elements of pictorial expression. At my late eighties’ body of work, the Neo- Abstraction had a great influence in my paintings and drawings, where I delved in the study of subject and object. During the 90’s decade I incorporated a Neo-Abstract poetic in my paintings as in my drawings and objects, beginning to experiment transitions towards territories of the Neo-Figurative and Art Povera or Pop Art. Starting 2000 I created a series of installations representing the drama of the Cuban immigration to the United States, as well as the conflict between nationality and culture. Since 2010 I initiated a renovation process of my symbolic capital undertaking the photographic medium (La Habana: Enigmas of the Ruins, 2012), in order to establish a line of experimentation between photography and painting, in which I actually found myself immersed since nowadays. It is a project that almost revises the entire spectrum of my previous poetic trajectory, deriving resources from a conceptual current on expressive keys of the Neo-Abstraction, Neo-Figuration and Pop; where the landscape of ruinous constructions in Havana acquire the enigma of a battle between the forces of nature and the forces of man.

Personal Shows

2019 “ Existencia Natural … parte II ", Centro Cultural Pompano Beach, Florida (from 11 to December. 2011)

2017 “ Existencia Natural… como Elefantes Blancos ”, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, September 27- October 27, La Habana, Cuba.

2015 ” La Rueda Recreada “ , XII Bienal de La Habana, Hotel Florida, May 22 – June 22 La Habana,

2014 “ The wheel Revisited ", ARCH Gallery, November 8 a June, Miami, Florida.

2013 “ Habana : Enigma de las Ruinas '', Fototeca de Cuba , May 10 a

June, La Habana, Cuba.

2013 '' Habana: Enigma de las Ruinas '', Collage Gallery, Coral Gables, February 4 a June 4, Miami,

2012 ‘’ Creative Minds'', Boswell y Mourot Gallery , March 24 to April, Little Rock,

2011 " Neochromatic ", Cremata Gallery, Abril 2011, Miami

2009 " Fragmentary Memory’’, ArtFormz Gallery, February 13 to March 10, Wynwood Art Distrit, Miami,

2008 " Convergence'', Orange Park International Gallery, December 5 a June 14, Tampa,

2005 " Lo que Cuba USA '', AzucArt Gallery, April, Coral Gables, Miami,


2004 " Cuba Yes, Yankee See '', Matthews Gallery, 1st to 29 of October, Tampa,

2003 " Malanga Se Fue '', HCC Dale Mabry Campus Gallery, Tampa,

2000 " Rescue from Reality '', Art Fusion Galleries, Petersburg, Florida.

1993 " Habana, Cabaña, Papaya'', Thirteen Gallery, Ybor City, Tampa,

1993 " Desde La Habana a Santo Domingo '', Galeria Casa de Teatro , República

1992 " Between Two Rivers'', Galería de Arte Wilfredo Lam , Universidad U.C.E, San Pedro de Macoris, República

1981 " Ciudad Libertad ", Galería, Tecnológico Amistad Cuba-URSS, La Habana,

Awards and honors

2009 Recipient of Individual Artist Grant of 2009 , Art Council Hillsboroug, Tampa,

2008 Award of Distinction, Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, April, Orlando,

2008 PBS Interview, Hosted by Natasha del Toro, Tampa,

2007 Mural at Marcfarlane Park, Selected by the City of Tampa Art Division,

2007 Best of the Show, Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, March 2- 4, Tampa,

2006 Art for Life, Voice Auction, September 30, at Higgins Hall (Merit Award), Tampa, Florida.

2006 Spanish Heritage 20th Anniversary, Tampa Museum of Art, September 14 (2nd place).

2005 Raymond James, Gasparilla Festival of Arts, March 5 (Merit Award), Tampa,

1997 Best Upcoming Artist, Weekly Planet Newspapers Annual Best of the Bay, Tampa,

1993 Honorable Mention, Seventh Annual Tampa Hispanic Heritage Poster Contest, Tampa, Florida.

1986 Award in Fine Arts, Salón Playa 86, Habana,

1984 Recognized in Drawing Contest, San Alejandro,

1980 Drawing Award, Ciudad Libertad, Habana,


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