Roberto Rivera

Roberto Rivera was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador on November 30, 1986.

He starts studying empirically color theory, composition, art history and modern art. Later he begins to experiment with materials, which will lead him to discover the techniques he uses to compose his paintings. These have been influenced with all kinds of shapes, figures, colors, lights, elements and other aspects that make up his paintings. Most of all, he has used his desire to create and put into practice everything that through his observation he has transmitted to his creations.
He has also managed to have sensitivity for good color management and thus uniquely developed a composition and good taste for modern painting.

Through his work the artist takes us to his world or particular of inner sensitivity, and how he acquires through very important influences as well as people who have been extremely significant as well, also experiences that have contributed to him.
Starting from simple theory and imagination he has been able to carry out certain basic criteria of which his works are composed, as well as experimentation with the combination of elements that give character to his works.

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