Sofia Rivera

Born in Panama in 1999. The artist has been painting and drawing since  her early days. A self-taught artist, since she studied finance, but the arts play a fundamental role in her life.

When it comes to her art, she likes to use whatever resources are available to her, she works mixing watercolors, oil pastels and a little acrylic. In her paintings there is a lot of movement and elements related to nature, which describe specific places such as jungles, deserts, forests, beaches, etc. Also, it is inspired by everyday elements that are part of everyday life.

Sofia recently won a contest called The Experience Club", in which the judges were Eduardo Navarro, Enrique Jaramillo and Gustavo Puente, nationally recognized artists.

Her objective is to make people who see my paintings appreciate a landscape or object with a perception that is different from reality. Her color palette is vibrant, and is generally inspired by the colors of nature and animals. In most of her paintings there is a kind of striking circles, which she likes to call "portals".

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