A Meticulous Disorder

Acrylics on wooden panel

96 x 65 cm (framed)


Acrylics on wooden panel

96 x 65 cm (framed)





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Simon Hennessey

Simon Hennessey is a contemporary realist painter, born in 1973 Birmingham, UK.

His approach to realist painting is to be innovative and explore contrasting elements in an attempt to find a harmonious balance between realism and abstraction. He uses paint in a constructive and deconstructive manner, so that order and chaos or the structured and organic can sit together side-by-side. He has been working and refining his techniques for the past 16 years and combines traditional painterly working methods with the  newest of technologies.

Simon has recently had his work exhibited in numerous museum group shows around the world, including, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Andorra and Michigan and will also have his artwork featured in upcoming group museum shows in Venice, Zaragoza and Barcelona. His paintings have also been featured in many publications, including ‘Exactitude:Hyperrealist art today’ and ‘Photorealism in the digital age’.

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