Big Baby

Acrylics, Collage

120cm x 90cm


Acrylics, Collage

120cm x 90cm





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María José Fábrega

María José Fábrega, visual artist born in Quito, Ecuador. Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, her art has been exhibited internationally in Europe, America and Asia.

Throughout her jewelry career, María José has had the honor of being invited to important events such as the MTV Movie Award Gift Lounge, in Los Angeles where Hollywood celebrities have worn her jewelry.
She has participated in renowned fairs, some of them are Sierrad, Joya Barcelona, ​​Caravana Americana, in addition to the biennial of contemporary jewelry in Beijing, China.
Her work has been published on several online sites and in internationally renowned magazines such as British Vogue, British glamor, Nylon, People style watch, Salysé, among others.

3 years ago she decided to venture into painting, with large format paintings that seek to explore abstraction through color, textures and shapes.
Her works show layers of paint that tell layers of life, personal moments of the artist are expressed with drawings, painting and collage creating a composition full of vitality.
Painting for María José is another means of expression opposed to her daily job, jewelry. Being this one of small scales, absolute perfection and made of metal.
The painting explores just the opposite, making it an energetic and liberating act.

Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Ecuador, Mexico and Panama.

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