Bombones de Aqui, Guineos

40 x 30 Inch
Acrylics and transferred pigments on canvas


40 x 30 Inch
Acrylics and transferred pigments on canvas




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Eduardo Cabrer

Eduardo A Cabrer was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico during 1976.  From a young age he started experimenting with different mediums to express his emotions and his identity while further defining his relationship with his surroundings.  He went on to pursue his education in the arts at the University of Miami, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón and at the George Washington University where he completed a Masters Degree in Fine Arts (2002).

Recently he has continued his search by participating in the School of Visual Arts Summer Residency program (2016) and in the Vermont Studio Center Residency (2017).

He is actively exploring new mediums and ways to combine learned crafts to create new possibilities of expression. Cabrer is in a constant search for new artistic ways to express  how he feels about his surroundings and the relationship with his identity. His journey has taken him from simple graphite drawings to combining acrylics, oils, pastels, resin, tapes and enamels over steel, canvas and wood.

I often find myself admiring objects. All types of things but mostly those that have a link to mi childhood. Concrete things have the power to awaken the abstract world in our minds. I find that we all have memories that have been placed on hold way in the back of our minds and thru visual triggers we are able to engage with them and reflect on them with a hole new perspective. I am in a constant search for new mediums and ways of combining past experiences with the present techniques to end up with new results.

It is that constant search in mediums and visual references that has allowed my subject mater to develop chronologically in both theme and techniques. I am always on the look out for those hints in the process that point me in new directions. 


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