El Tiempo entre Quimeras

92 x 65 Cm

Oil on Canvas


92 x 65 Cm

Oil on Canvas


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Carmen Taboada

María del Carmen Taboada Berraquero, born in Madrid on February 28, 1968 and settled in the Canary Islands since 1988. Her dedication to painting has been late, although she was always part of it. Since she was little she painted with pencil, but her true relationship with painting began in 1999. In a self-taught way, she learned to use different techniques. The early stages of her work are figurative, mostly devoted to landscapes of Fuerteventura, the island where she resides. The artist mainly painted for pleasure, although she also did some commissions to individuals. Little by little, her work was transformed, passing through different stages and influenced by various artists and various currents: abstract, expressionist, etc. until you reach the one you are currently at. It should be noted that like the author, her work changes over time, and she continues to constantly learn and reinvent herself. Her current work could be defined in one sentence: "The capricious path of chance." In these moments, she is facing the canvas: without a previous sketch; without pretentions; without any predisposition; just letting the paint flow over it and the imagination does the rest. Chance is an important part of the result, although sometimes the decision intervenes, depending on the different concepts that appear in the work, that is: the work emerges from the canvas; she never knows how it begins and she never ends it, at any moment she can intervene in it again. This provides an exciting freedom of expression, with which she feels very comfortable. It is a risky and indecisive path in which the pictorial rules exist, but are not decisive for the purpose of the work, which is compared to poetry, as this is an incredible way to unleash your subconscious by allowing feelings to surface , moods and spontaneous decisions, where chance has the same importance as in our own lives. This prolific author has thousands of followers on her Instagram / carmen_taboada_art account where she shares her creations and is very active among the artistic community.

Individual expositions:

2017 House of Culture of the Puerto del Rosario City Council

2005 Doctor Mena House Museum, Cabildo de Fuerteventura

Collective exhibitions:

2020 Enrique Lite Painting Prize 2019. Paraninfo of the University of La Laguna

2020 Art at Home, Ateneo de La Laguna.

2020 Mundo Arti virtual exhibition, Valencia

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