Acrylics on Canvas.

60 x 70 Cm.


Acrylics on Canvas.

60 x 70 Cm.

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Ericka Moran

Ericka was born and raised in El Salvador in 1980. The artist showed a great ability for drawing since her early days. At school her classmates always asked for her famous “dolls” and she would draw them for her schoolmates, so they could paint them. 
She had a great affinity for Arts in general.  Thanks to the support of her mother she took a variety of courses in various art sectors: music, dance, theatre and painting.  Everything that had to do with arts and painting brought her enormous happiness. 
Her adulthood took another course. As the artist was good in math, she studied economics in order to have a "safe and stable" career. Even though she course in economics Ericka never left her artistic side behind. In her 20's she decided to take courses that would support her artistic career. Ericka entered classes at "Centro Nacional de Artes"(CENAR), focusing her learning skill in oil and acrylics techniques.  
 Ericka then joined the corporate world in Human Resources. For the artist working around other human beings, kept her natural sensibility on top priority.  As time passes with greater responsibilities at work, and starting her own family the artist still managed to create time for her artistic devotion.  Ericka always kept at home some brushes, paints, drawing pads. These years have given the artist a lot of experiences and allowed certain emotions to become alive.
Facing so many changes last year, has driven Ericka to express her emotions again through art in a peaceful and relaxing way, trying to convey joy, peace, hope, encouragement. She does not think she has a specific technique that defines her, but the artist continues in a self-learning process connected with the world of colors and textures.

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