La Escritura de Dios (Sobre Un Cuento De Borges)

Acrylics on Linen

140 x 200 Cm


Acrylics on Linen

140 x 200 Cm


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Jose Franco

Pepe Franco was born and trained in Havana and was part of the group of artists that since the late 1980s formed the new Cuban diaspora. He moved to Argentina, where he established his residence; He won the Guggenheim Scholarship in 1992 and lived for a time in New York, to return to Buenos Aires.

During 2006 and so far in 2007 he lived in Paris - where he had been many years ago, for a semester - and that reunion, not only with Paris in particular, but with Europe in general, meant a reunion with great museums, great collections , as well as a good part of the history of western art. "For me," says the artist, "it was like doing another postgraduate degree in painting."

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