La Pausada Belleza del Movimiento Aquatico TQ II


The subtle and hypnotic dance of water, one of the most flexible and malleable materials on our planet, encapsulated within the circular frame of the sculpture, is what inspired the title of this work. The tranquility of the colourful pieces of fabric, swirled by the cyclical currents of water, invite a meditative state where the spectator can find respite from the the hyper-stimulated rush of modern society. The universal symbol of the flowing river as a source of life, in opposition with rotten stagnant water, is central in Maya’s conception of cyclical flow as a source of healing. Emulating the constant renewal of generative art, the sculptures’ ever-changing composition transforms them into ‘moving paintings’ that keep the observer attentive and present; in contrast to the hectic, mindless tasks of our daily lives. Like pilgrims circumambulating the Kabah in Mecca; the completion of a rosary; the knitting of wool; or simply inhaling and exhaling, the sculptures participate in the perennial motif of the repetition as a form of meditation. As part of the artist’s ‘capsule works’, La Pausada Belleza del Movimiento Acuático aspires to offer, in its contained spatiality, a source of therapeutic unity between spectators and the universal Whole; symbolised by the circular shape of the sculptures.




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Violeta Maya

Violeta Maya (b. 1993, Madrid) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Barcelona. Her works range from prints, kinetic sculptures and paintings to generative art sound installations and video. The overarching theme of Maya’s work is the importance and therapeutic potential of enjoying the present moment in a world saturated with information and hyper-productivity. In an attempt to offer a peaceful and quiet time-capsule, her works draw from the power of the sensorial: sound, texture and movement work together to immerse the viewer in a calm mental state. 
Maya graduated in 2015 in BA Interaction and Moving Image at Central Saint Martins (London) with a Honours Mention. Despite her young age, she has exhibited in various galleries and festivals like The Curious Festival at Barbican Center (London, UK), NB7 Gallery (Madrid, Spain), Art Farm Residency (Verona, Italy) and 71A Gallery (London, UK).  She was awarded with the First Prize of “Big White Wall” by Cass Art, Windsor and Newton; as well as winning in two consecutive years “EL FLECHAZO” first prize at FLECHA Artfair (Madrid, 2019 and 2020). Maya has also participated in a number of art fairs worldwide, like AFF Art Fair (London, 2019 and Brussels, 2019), The Other Art Fair New York 2019 and CONTEXT Miami 2019.
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