Oil on Canvas

61 x 48 Cm


Oil on Canvas

61 x 48 Cm

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Juan Carlos Marcos

Juan Carlos Marcos was born in 1930 in Aldo Bonzi, Argentina, the date and place that marked both his coming to the world and his perspective on life.

Marcos lives a period of his life in Paris studying at the School of Fine Arts. During his second year in Paris Marcos participated in several exhibitions of which the most notable was "Les Peintres d’Aujourdhui D’Utrillo a Picasso” presented at the Palais Royal. The same year he appeared for the exhibition of the "Othon Friesz" award.
Paris represented for Juan Carlos an ideological birth, the place where he was trained as an artist and as a person, combining his own with what he learned. In 1955 Marcos was invited to participate in a collective of Latin American art, the I Young American Painting Salon, organized by the University of Oviedo.

The young artist begins his life in Oviedo Spain. Marcos and Perez Roman embark towards Madrid where they soon inaugurate a collective exhibition of the work of both at the Institute of Hispanic Culture.

The painter travels to Panama where he stays to live and gets invited to Panarte where he participates in a collective of Panamanian artists. A short time later the artist founded an advertising agency. He continues to have exhibitions in highly renowned Panamanian galleries.

The painter traveled to Paris where for two months he devoted himself to drawing at the La Grande Chaumiere Academy.

He continues to live in Panama City, Panama where he is recognized as one of the most influential painters of these times.

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