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Dany Weller

When you finally discover who you are, you realize that everything has a reason for being, every beat of your heart, every thought, every emotion, every fragment of your being, is part of that connection you have with the deepest corners of your soul. .

Woman and moon, being one, sharing cycles, visiting distant galaxies, being reborn and evolving, creating a magical bond full of energy.

All the energy received is transformed into magnetic structures that I absorb and immerse, in the most intimate part of my being, to externalize that magical realism that connects me with the moon, being a woman, being one.

- Dany Weller

                                                                                         Artist Statement 

Dany Weller was born in Guatemala City in 1994. Her inspiration comes from the power that the moon has over nature and how it is complemented with aquatic life reaching the terrestrial life, the importance of each beat of our heart, our emotional changes as waters that rise and fall like tides. Thus achieving a stable balance in the way in which the cycle of nature merges with our society.
She uses the bright colors, going back to the time of the 80s. The colors represent waves of emotions that evolve and depend on my state of mind.
she also use those colors to commemorate our happiness, and so that we are also aware of the environment. That happiness won't be around for long if we don't react and take action to rescue our planet earth.
She likes to represent women as the moon, since both are intimately connected by the cycles they go through. In some of my works an elephant appears, he is the son of the moon, his faithful companion and his companion in life.

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