Oil On Canvas 84x100cm


Oil On Canvas 84x100cm

About This Painting

The objects reproduced in this pictorial series are spaces that were once open to the uneasy growth of nature, now rescued from its essence, the environmental dimension that is its most productive version measured in terms of its usefulness. By causing an aesthetic meaning, it allows emotional segments of greenery to emerge from them, synthesis of landscapes in the grounds of nature, in which there is great implicit beauty, from the randomness of their presence and in the definition that these forms determine, because they allow us to imagine the stories that are linked to each of those objects. The real circumstance of their disappearance is a wake-up call that, in Alex De la Torre’s brushes, shows the urgent need to recover them, to fight for their preservation, to return to the moments when oxygen was indispensable as the particle fundamental to the air we breathe. And that means the highest vital consideration


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Alex De La Torre

Alex De la Torre C. (1981, Barranquilla, Colombia). Plastic artist graduated from the Universidad del Atlántico in 2007. Thesis awarded with the exhibition 'Dinero' at the Alliance Française Colombo. 2006, Selected Young Artists Salon Fernando Botero Award. Finalist (2007). 6th Diversity Art Salon Tribute to Andy Warhol. Winner of the Chevrolet Young Artists Salon (2008). Twice first place winner of the Stimuli Portfolio in the categories of Path Painting (2017-2019) and Mural Painting (2013). Decorated at Exhibition, Scarfone / Hartley Gallery Tampa (2013). Shortlisted for the IX call for the ‘Figurative 2017’ Contest, by the Arts and Artists Foundation of Barcelona, ​​Spain

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