Nubes en calma


Series “Mi nube”

Oil on Canvas

91*91 cms





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Victoria Masch

Victoria Jiménez de Masch was born in Guatemala in 1970. Victoria's work with her study and mastered technique offers us a spiritual reflection. With his blues, which we can see as an obsession in his work, a color used to symbolize the sky and the water, with the intention of achieving a connection with nature and achieving feelings of peace, tranquility, serenity and freedom in the observer.
The element clouds in all her works evoke many things for everyone, for the artist, they represent constant changes that inspire us to daydream creating new images, and transport us to other worlds. At the same time it shows us our place in the universe.
The balloons and swings are a theme that can be found in a surreal way in his works, which achieves a melancholic touch reminiscent of childhood.

Formal Education
1992 Degree in Architecture Francisco Marroquín University Guatemala
1987 Baccalaureate Inter-American College Guatemala
Informal Education
2020-’15 Workshop of the teacher Jorge Mazariegos Rodríguez Guatemala
2017 Artistic photography course Waseem Sayeed Guatemala
2012-’14 Mobarte Guatemala
2014 Artistic expression course with Valenzuela Guatemala
2014 Course with Mary Cielo Sierra (Colombian artist) Guatemala

2020 Let's help those who help Fundación Margarita Tejada Guatemala
2019-20 JUANNIO Latin American Art Auction Guatemala 2020 Art in May Fundación Roza Botran Guatemala 2020 1st Art festival Ministry of culture UEA United Arab Emirates
2019 Blisful thinking OS Gallery LA Guatemala
Bichos 2 Fundación Margarita Tejada Guatemala
at the height of children Fundación Rozas Botrán Guatemala
Eclectic Rozas Botran Foundation Guatemala
2019-18 Gala Night Ixchel Museum Guatemala
2019-18 Art in May Fundación Rozas Botrán Guatemala
2019-17 Moments Patronage Santo Domingo Guatemala
2019-16 JUNKABAL Guatemala National Collective
2019-16 MERAKI Fundación Meraki Guatemala
2018 Art Night CMR American residence Guatemala
Brushstrokes Jorge Mazariegos Study Guatemala
Eros Museo Ixchel Guatemala
2017 Collectible Rozas Botrán Foundation Guatemala
2013 Entre Tierras German Salvadoran Cultural Forum El Salvador
2012 Colors of Life Museo Ixchel Guatemala

Her works belong to private national and international collectors.
2020 Catalog JUANNIO 2020
2020 Art Festival Catalog in May 2020-05-11
2019 Publication 07- in Habitart Magazine "They Create"
2019 Catalog JUANNIO 2019 (urban presence / mupi)
2019-’18 Art Festival Catalog in May 2019
2019-’16 JUNKABAL digital catalog
2018 EROS digital catalog


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