Obra 10 A.C

Oil on Linen

25 x 25 Cm


Oil on Linen

25 x 25 Cm


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Andrea Castro

Colombian painter, daughter of the sculptor Héctor Castro, with whom she acquires an artistic base and sensitivity towards the trade, a dentist by profession but an artist in essence, works with several teachers in her training, such as Jaime Arango Correa, María Cristina Vallejo and takes several courses in Colombia with the artist and curator Sandra Miranda, the conceptual artist Luis Carlos Tovar and abroad with Alyssa Monks in New York among others. As of 2013, she has been linked to a B & bart museum of contemporary art in Sardinia, Italy, working hand in hand with the curator Bianca Laura Petrerto, from which countless projects and exhibitions Europe arise.
The artist has always made an observation of the body and the human figure, its daily life in a silent way in the urban context, even the most intimate and personal. From the frivolity of the suit, its use as a second skin and the language it represents in people, to the human figure stripped of it, freeing it from prejudices and showing only the human condition and feeling.

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