Mirada Salvaje

Oil on Canvas

140 x 90 Cm


Oil on Canvas

140 x 90 Cm


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Beatriz de Arenas

Beatriz Echeverria Zachrisson de Arenas is a Guatemalan artist, born in 1948. She is a master in color and technique both oil and watercolor.
She has developed her art and process with Guatemalan hyperrealist Jorge Mazariegos .
Beatriz’s work has been recognize locally (Juannio 2009 award ) and internationally where she has exhibited in collective exhibitions.
Her masterpieces are displayed in collections around Latin America, the United States and Europe.
She is always seeking to broaden her imagination.
Recently, Rene Magritte, inspires her world and the magic of the surrealist , comes forth in her latest work.
Her great passion to express herself, her dreams, and visions comes alive with precise brushstrokes for the viewer to be amazed.

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