Pintando Azul

Acrylics on Canvas
45 x 35 (Each) 450 x 700 cCm (Total)


Acrylics on Canvas
45 x 35 (Each) 45 x 70 Cm (Total)


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Ana Lida Diaz

Ana Lida Diaz was born in Panama City in 1968. From an early age she showed artistic talent and received courses in drawing and painting, using techniques such as pastels, watercolor and charcoal. She then continued her career developing oil and acrylic as her main techniques in her works.

In 1993 the title of Degree in Interior Design at the Santa María La Antigua University In past decades we can appreciate in her work a thematic richness that goes from the human figure, landscapes of beautiful places and balconies and facades of the Old Town.

Since 2009, her work has evolved, where she stands out for the combination between the subtle simplicity of a sober composition with that superfluous attention to realistic detail that no longer abounds, but that the artist rescues through the intelligent use of color, light and shades.

Individual Exhibitions
2005  Habitante Gallery, Panama
2003 Habitante Gallery, Panama
1997 Mateo Sariel Gallery, Panama
1995 Habitante Gallery, Panama
1992 Jessy’s Gallery, Panama
1991 Bank of Hong Kong Gallery
1990 Unique’s Art Gallery, Panama
1989 Unique’s Art Gallery Panama

Collective Exhibitions
Auction 2014 XXIII Fundación San Felipe, Panama
Great Auction Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama
Auction XXI 2012 Fundación San Felipe, Panama
Great Auction Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama
2011 Grand New Year's Collective, Habitante Gallery, Panama
Auction XX Fundación San Felipe, Panama
2010 Auction XlX Fundación San Felipe, Panama
Great Auction Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama
2009 Arlene Lachman Gallery, Panama
2006 "New spaces" Habitante Gallery, Panama
2005 Prada Gallery, Washington D.C, United States.
Piag Gallery, Miami FL, United States.
2004 Auction Xlll Fundación San Felipe, Panama
"Voices of remembrance" Museo del Canal, Panama
"A work of love" Artegma Gallery, Panama
2003 Grand Auction of Works of Art Telethon 20-30, Panama
Auction Xll Fundación San Felipe, Panama
1984 IV Pro Child Care Auction, Hotel El Panamá
III Auction Lioness Ladies Committee, Chamber of Commerce, Panama
1983 III Pro Ciudad del Niño Auction, Hotel El Panamá
II Auction Ladies Lions Committee, Chamber of Commerce, PANAMA
1982 New values, Pro Artes Gallery, Panama
II Pro Ciudad del Niño Auction, Panama Hotel.
I Auction Committee of Lions of Ladies, Chamber of Commerce, PANAMA
Ganexa Collective, Atlapa Convention Center, Panama
1981 I Auction Pro Ciudad del Niño, Hotel El Panamá.

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