Raices (Tryptic)

Series: Contra la Corriente

.90 X .80 Mts

Acrylics on Canvas


Series: Contra la Corriente

.90 X .80 Mts

Acrylics on Canvas

Art Type



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Cecilia Palmieri

Cecilia Palmieri was born in Guatemala, in 1987. Captivated by art since she was a child, she participated in all the drawing and painting contests that she could during her school days, as well as in all the courses that were possible within the same study facilities.

Over time, different circumstances and that matter of "being an adult" led her to another path, until 2020 when  she found again that inner voice that motivated her  to create,  she loves to express herself through art and she cried out to resurface that amazing talent once again. So now, day by day, Cecilia Palmieri travels a self-taught path of artistic self-discovery, letting that artist asleep in her all this time to dream, but above all to fulfill her dreams in colors, textures, lines and much more.

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