Regalo Eterno (Blue)

Resin, Fiberglass, Acrylics, Laque,r 11×9 3/8 inch


Resin, Fiberglass, Acrylics, Laque,r 11×9 3/8 inch




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Omar García

Born in Colombia in 1955 with 37 years living in Panama.

He is a sculptor with a long career in Panama, innate artist with studies completed in Mexico and Argentina. Worked with great masters of sculpture.

Participating in big national monuments of the Panamanian territory. Recognized sculptor by collectors and national and international galleries.

Since he came to Panama, he has devoted himself to art, although he had to work in other branches in order to continue doing what he is most passionate about, sculptures.

In his 37 years in Panama he has toured all the country's cultural events, offering his art in individual and group exhibitions, auctions and altruistic activities.

At the international level, he had the opportunity to participate in the Latin American art venial, in Miami.
He managed to get his art to the hands of celebrities of international level.

Omar García currently continues working in Panama.
The introverted artist lives on the outskirts of Panama, dedicating himself to what he is most passionate about, art.

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