Sin Titulo

Cast in resin, Polyester and Fiberglass

185 x 82 Cm



Cast in resin, Polyester and Fiberglass

185 x 82 Cm



2015 Universidad de las Artes (ISA), La Habana.

2009 Academia Profesional de Artes Plásticas, Las Tunas, Cuba.


2018 Impíos, NG Art Gallery, Ciudad de Panamá.

2016 Inventario, Fundación Ludwing, La Habana. Hoy desde los 80, Casa de México, La Habana.

2015 Sin razón, sin aliento y sin nada, ISA, La Habana. Quedar intacto es un deporte de combate, Galería Génesis, La Habana.

2014 Doce relatos más uno, Fundación Ludwing, La Habana.

2013 Tasajo, Espacio Abierto, La Habana. Reconcomio, Galería L, La Habana.

2012 Simulacro y Simulación, ISA, La Habana. ¿Esto no es una pipa?, ISA, La Habana.

2008 Mañana es lunes, AHS, Las Tunas.

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Gabriel Cisneros

Gabriel Cisneros was born in Cuba in 1990. He studied at the Professional Academy of Plastic Arts of Las Tunas and then graduated from the prestigious Higher Institute of Art of Havana in 2015, where he has stayed to teach sculpture classes. In recent years, Cisneros, perhaps thanks to this release from the pressure of the concrete, has developed a very own and suggestive production, as he seeks to finish the sculpture; understood this in its traditional sense within the history of art, instead of avoiding it in function of attending to standards of the contemporary context.

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