Solo en la tormenta

125 x 220 Cm

Acrylics on Fabric  and Gold Sheet



125 x 220 Cm

Acrylics on Fabric  and Gold Sheet


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Paloma Furlanis

Paloma Furlanis from Argentina (1997), has been established for 9 years in Panama. With a very artistic family, Paloma has a natural talent for painting and everything related to art. Working from the age of 12 on the projects of her father (Dario Furlanis, Architect and Interior Designer) in the artistic part applying gold sheets and paint, has given her the opportunities to discover her path and the necessary experience to create her own works. .

Together with her sister and father, she has made huge painted windows for the offices of the Capital Bank tower and those of Disney in Panama, among other projects in residences.

Paloma is mainly inspired by nature, she has a diet free of animal products because of the great respect she has for them, the artist is passionate about painting birds and especially the pelican that is reflected in all his works. The main purpose of her art is to raise awareness about pollution and how animals are affected by wrong actions and human waste.

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