Sun Excavation

Oil on Fabric 112x130cm


Oil on Fabric 112x130cm


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Omar Saenz

Omar Saenz was born on October 9, 1989 in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. In 2011 he graduated from  Graphic Design degree at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and in 2013 he turned to the practice of the arts in a self-taught way and interspersed his study work participating in streetpainting festivals in public spaces around Mexico and Europe, and get awards and recognition in cities in England, Germany, France and Italy.

His work has been exhibited individually in spaces such as The Plaza Fátima Cultural Center (2017) and the Gallery of the French Alliance (2015), both in San Pedro Garza García; at the Linares Museum, Nuevo León (2015); abroad at the Association of Le Port des Créateurs in Toulon, France (2019),  and at Colegio Civil Centro Cultural Universitario in Monterrey.

“For me, painting serves as a platform to investigate ideas about the relationships between abstraction and figuration, the poetic and the mundane, the hidden and the visible, or the solid and the empty.

Whether in the open mouth of a grocery bag or in a succession of papers behind other torn papers, my images, staying on a blurred plane, intermediate between these relationships, are an invitation to an inner world, they record the passage of a space to another and the veil that divides them."

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