34 x 56 Inch

Acrylic on canvas

March 2020


34 x 56 Inch

Acrylic on canvas

March 2020


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Vanessa De la Guardia

Vanessa de la Guardia was born in Panama City on May 12, 1987. Endowed with an innate passion and talent for art, from a small age she paints and draws unceasingly. In 2006 she began her formal studies in art at L'Accademia D'Arte (AD'A) in Florence, Italy where she studied Painting, Drawing and Design. In 2010 Vanessa graduated from bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Studio Art in the study of History of Art, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing and Design at the University of Florida in Tallahassee, USA.

The artist has participated in numerous auctions, collectives and art exhibitions nationally and internationally, thus establishing her name as a listed artist in her native country, Panama.

In February 2018, she received a formal invitation to her first international exhibition, which took place at the Brick Lane Gallery in Shoreditch, London. Her pieces were the main attraction of the exhibition and it was so well received, that it involved being hired by a medium to make a documentary about the history of her life and art and to promote the city of Shoreditch, thus expanding her reach in Europe.

In December 2019, a new gallery in London, Bermondsey invites her to participate for a solo exhibition with her most recognized series to date, “Enchanted Forest”. The exhibition was exhibited in the Gallery "Art 23 London" and attributed her work internationally in Europe.

Today, Vanessa is best known for her works in the series titled "Enchanted Forests." Full of symbolism and depth, her elegant works invite us to a journey through the imagination, to worlds of vast beauty accompanied by a great force behind.
The artist is interested in using art as a vehicle for introspection in a deep exploration about freedom, beauty, imagination and inner expansion

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