Viento Norte

Acrylics and graphite on paper
50 x 50 Cm


Acrylics and graphite on paper
50 x 50 Cm

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 0.1 × 50 × 50 cm



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Catalina Canessa Gracia

Catalina Canessa Gracia was born and raised in Santiago de Chile in 1974.

Since young age the artist has been passionate about art. In 1993-1999 she studied arquitecture. Catalina did two years in Art Studies and painting at Universidad Católica de Chile and Art Therapy studies at Universidad de Chile. In 2003 Catalina attended  an art school in Barcelona an had her first solo exhibition. In 2004 she continued her passion for arquitecture, working for 2 years in Chiloé Island in some beautiful patrimonial proyects restoring centenary churches built in the begining of 1900's. Now a days Catalina lives in Puerto Varas, a beautiful and small city in de south of Chile and has been a full time artist for the past eight years.

Cata loves to move and go further in her art, the artist belives in innovation so she seaarches for workshop, books and every possiberl reouse to keep improving her art and believes one never stops learning. Lately she has been part of:

"The artist Journey" with Nancy Hillis, "The ARt next level" with Sergio Gomez, "The color course for rebels" with Jodie King, and "Perfectly Imperfect- Discovering your visual language" with Lorna Crane.

Her paintings represent her inner energy inspired by the geography and nature that sorround her daily life. She is always in the search for, contrast, composition and gesture.

The artist paintings are composed of multiple layers, movement in every form. Color and brush strokes are the main beginning of her pieces.

She uses acrylics the most. In her art pieces you can sometimes find oil and watercolors.   Lately she has also explored collage tecniques. Her favorite surfaces are canvas, mix media, cotton paper and wood panel.

"I am in love with the freedom of abstract art, for me it is like been in the inmensity of nature drawing my soul, trying to not get stuck in rutines and enjoy what life offers to me every day" says Catalina

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