Vigia Fondo Gris y Colores

9 1/8 X 4 X 15 INCH


9 1/8 X 4 X 15 INCH


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Juan Urrutia

Juan Urrutia was born in Argentina in 1977. He lived in Panama for more than 16 years.

Sculptor and painter. Mixed technique (vitrofunction, resin, iron, wood and fiberglass) based on surrealist art.

Juan Urrutia arrives in Panama and the first months he begins his long struggle to make his art known. He quickly manages to get his work into highly recognized local galleries.

Juan has competed in auctions of cultural prestige in the Panamanian territory.
The artist has participated in national and international exhibitions.

The sculptor and painter continues to improve his art every day with the master Omar GarcĂ­a.

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